About Daron

I've written for a range of high-profile figures in government and business, ranging from Assistant Secretaries and Ambassadors to senior executives at Fortune 500 Companies. I work efficiently and creatively under tight deadlines to help clients from around the globe maximize their time at the podium.


My Promise

The best speeches are collaborations. I'll work with you to find time to discuss your vision for your event - who the audience is, your key message, and what goal you hope to accomplish.

I pride myself on my research abilities. The fun part of speechwriting is looking at the world through someone else's eyes - the more information you can provide me, the easier I'm able to capture your voice. 

Upon delivery of a first draft (always delivered before deadline), I will continue to work with you to fine-tune your remarks until you are completely satisfied.  

Boom! You really hit the mark. I’m very happy with your work here. You have a habit of over-delivering.
— Health and Wellness Company Executive, Idaho Falls
Lovely working with Daron! Would definitely work with him in the future.
— Start-Up Founder, Hong Kong
It’s saving us that your preparation is so good and clear. Thanks again for all the terrific work.
— Senior Communications Aide, Virginia

Keynote Remarks – Family Business Advisor

I wrote this keynote speech for a family business and wealth advisor, who was promoting a book he had written how to build a lasting family enterprise. This excerpt has identifying characteristics omitted.

The Russian writer Leo Tolstoy opens his novel “Anna Karenina” with the following line: “All happy families are alike; each unhappy family is unhappy in its own way.” I think the same can very much be said of family businesses. My aim is to help think differently about their...

Keynote Speech – Surgeon & Motivational Speaker

I wrote this keynote speech for a renowned thoracic surgeon and motivational speaker to promote his memoir. This excerpt has identifying characteristics omitted.

My job here today is to give you some useful, practical strategies that you can apply to be what I call a “super performer”. I hope the import of these strategies will have some significance for you...

Keynote Address – Entrepreneur

I wrote this keynote speech for a business leader, who gave a presentation to Canadian university students on how to navigate the complexities of the changing professional world. This excerpt has identifying characteristics omitted.

Change is something I know a bit about. I specialize in something called “change management”. Essentially I help companies and entrepreneurs all around the world that are going through some major transformation in how they do business...